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Our idea

Our idea comes from the need to provide our customers not just a simple e-commerce site, but give a value-added Serving.Know our customers to better advise and create a look that is suitable to them and to the type of event they want to attend.

Life is becoming more and more busy and the time we can dedicate to ourselves is going to decrease day by day. Sometimes an invitation to a night, an event, a business meeting, a simple out with friends, although pleasant, become carriers of stress: Don't know, what dress to have on, if it will be up or too exaggerated for a certain type of occasion.

People are coming beware of Look and all its details and show up well and sit an opportunity, becomes important with present and future implications. Imagine for example a business meeting, where the choice of dress and its accessories, will give a first impression and will be able to get us the job or the contract.

The personal fashion consultant, The Personal Shopper, before dedicated only to celebrities, becomes through our website, accessible to all, free and always available.

For your next out, contact one of our Personal Shopper who will help you in choosing the look: looking for and proposing products on this site or new products chosen especially for you!

Our team is composed

Our team is composed of experts in the fashion industry who will direct you to the best, perfectly balancing your look for any occasion..

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Tel: + 44 122 3790901